About Us


Benito and Corina are Co-founders of Remember Me The Card Game, a table-top ice-breaker game created in Austin, Texas. In 2018, they were two recent college graduates in a new city wanting to make connections. After networking events and meeting new people, they noticed they weren't the only ones having trouble meeting new people. People often glanced at their phones, had conversations about work, and repeatedly answered questions like "what do you do?". Everyone had something in common: the need for genuine relationships. This is where the idea and brainstorming started. They wanted to create a way to have more meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers, and thus (after two years and lots of coffee) Remember Me The Card Game was born.

Talking is how we get to know each other better. We're just helping you start the conversation.

Be yourself freely and have fun,

Co-founders, Ben & Corina