Meet Benito & Corina

Benito and Corina are Co-founders of Remember Me The Card Game, a table-top ice-breaker game created in Austin, Texas. In 2018, they were two recent college graduates in a new city wanting to make connections. After networking events & meeting new people, they noticed they weren't the only ones having trouble meeting new people. People often glanced at their phones, had conversations about work, & repeatedly answered questions like 'what do you do?'

Everyone had one thing in common: the need for genuine relationships. This is where the idea & brainstorming started.

They wanted to create a way to have more meaningful conversations with friends, family, and strangers, & thus (after two years & lots of coffee) Remember Me The Card Game was born.

Our Misson

We believe that everyone has unique stories, quirks & memories that deserve to be heard, & our goal is to provide a platform for those stories to be shared. By facilitating meaningful connections, we hope to build a more empathetic & understanding society.

Talking is how we get to know each other better - we’re just helping you start the conversation. Be yourself freely & have fun
Ben & Corina