The Remember Me Story


This story begins with a thought we had at dinner one day. As two recent college grads, we planned a dinner with friends to catch-up on life after graduation. That dinner revealed a lot about ourselves. Our conversations were about surface-level topics; some friends glanced at their phones from time to time, and others recorded videos and posted to social media. Social media was slowly building into the giant it is today, so it's no wonder it was continually tugging at our attention. But the distractions were costing us our presence, and we left that dinner knowing there was more to catch-up on and more to learn about each other. This is where the idea and brainstorming started. We wanted to create a way to have more meaningful conversations with our friends, and thus (after two years and lots of coffee) Remember Me The Card Game was born.

We dedicated a lot of time and energy to come up with questions that tell us more about a person, their thoughts, and experiences. Talking is how we get to know each other better. We're just helping you start the conversation.

Be yourself freely and have fun,

Co-founders, Ben & Coco