Connect with others in a meaningful way

The conversation card game that encourages authenticity & brings people closer together

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Genuine conversation is better than small talk. Share laughs, memories & personal stories across 200 cards & 4 categories

With a competitive twist, players compete to remember the most about each other, adding an exciting edge to every conversation & deepening their connections.

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Meet our founders, Benito & Corina

They are on a mission to create a world where people are connected on a deeper level through open & authentic conversations.

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Meet Calvin, the inspiration behind our logo

Our logo, the cute white puppy, represents the values that we hold dear - living in the present, showing love and care towards others, & creating moments of happiness. This furry little guy not only serves as our official mascot but he’s also our real life dog- Calvin.

Interactions to Remember: The Podcast

In this podcast, the host (our co-founder Corina) shares the interactions she admires and those she can't stop raving about. She will share insights from experts and her own story on how she went from being a shy and quiet introvert to someone who isn't afraid to express her thoughts in everyday conversations.

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I love this card game so much. It brought my friends & I closer together and got us to talk about things that we had never talked about with one another. 10/10 recommend if you’re down for deep convos & heartfelt moments.